What Is Astron?

Astron is a new fantasy campaign setting created for intended use with the Pathfinder Role Play Game.
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The majority of this settings takes place in the region of Malthoria,and the three islands that make it, which is situated on the Northeast region of Astron; and revolves around the 549th year of the 3rd age, under the rule of King Tytos Malthor.

Two Parties travel the lands of Malthoria separately, however that is not to say their actions do not effect one another; or that their paths will never cross. In both cases, a new group of adventures will set out in the world of Malthoria on epic adventures that will change the course of history forever, but the road ahead is not a road well traveled.

This wiki will slowly become a hub of information about the lore, people and lands of the world of Astron & Malthoria as the game goes on. As the sessions run, NPC's, strange monster lore, magic weapons and uncharted areas will all be added to the wiki for player and non player reference.

A lot of what you read may be for DM eyes only and posted here so that other game masters can run their own stories in Malthoria. You have been warned!!

Little by little, one travels far. - John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

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